Through this blog I want to make the whole world know some of the most beautiful, exotic and luxurious holiday destinations.When I say exotic destination I refer about the most beautiful islans on which many of us have heard, but we never visited before.
Considering the budget which must be allocated for such holidays, there is a probability that some of us can’t afford it, but if u have the money for such exotic and luxurious holiday, then maybe I can help you decide on one of the beautifully holiday location.
Precisely because of these reasons if seemed a good idea to present these locations, preferable like a exotic destinations for luxury holidays.
The idea of this blog, for how simple it seems so appealing it’s.
Here you will find the description about each of these locations, consisting of geographical information, hotels, resorts, staff and about activities that you can undertake.
To make an image more real and form an opinion about these exotic and luxurious destination, I added pictures of each of them  (Although I would have wanted that all the
Photos to be made by me and not just some of them, this is currently impossible J ).
The photos are mostly taken from ‘Flickr’,who is one of the most popular photo hosting sites.To complay whit the legislation of copyright provision, these photos will be presented with the download agreement by Flickr website,from people who have made it.
As additional information in accordance with copyright, under each photo will be made available the name of the person who take the photo (backlink).
Thank you for your understanting and hope that after visiting this blog, you will decide in wich of these beautiful exotic location you will spend your next vacation J
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