Seychelles Islands-Cousine

Cousine Private Island
Cousine Island is a small granitic island in the Seychelles 6 km west of Praslin Island. This luxurious and beautiful island can be reached by helicopter and it is this seclusion that makes it such an attractive haven for people wanting absolute privacy. The island is not for those seeking nightlife and organised activities. There is a maximum of only 10 guests at any time on Cousine, so privacy and relaxation are guaranteed.
Activities & daytrips
Enjoy nature orientated activities like walks,snorkeling trips or night safaris guided by our dedicated conservation staff who will enlighten you in the conservation work and wildlife found on Cousine island. Also you can enjoy activities like hiking,swimming and island hopping. Diving can be organised through an operator from Praslin who brings you to different diving areas.
There are four exclusive large air-conditioned villas built in the Old French Colonial style, nestling amongst natural vegetation, just thirty metres from a pristine beach. Each villa is positioned to ensure maximum privacy and luxury. The villa provides luxurious comfort with front and rear patios, a spacious bedroom, dressing room, separate lounge, large bathroom with jacuzzi, his and her showers. Each villa is equipped with a refrigerator, ice machine, tea and coffee-making facilities, satellite TV, video, CD player, telephone, personal safe and hair dryer. All villas enjoy some of the best sea views in the Seychelles.
Your own private island
The island can be rented exclusively for a family holiday,reunion with friends or if you are seeking escapism from everyday stresses.
Rates: EUR 1,800 per villa/night double occupancy.From EUR 6,800 per day for the entire island for up to 8 guests (fullboard, excl. beverages),plus local tax.
Enjoy beautiful photos from Cousine island:



  1. WOW! This looks like a dream!!

  2. The Seychelles look truly beautiful I must say. The photos are so stunning!
    I have never had the chance to travel to such a wonderful destination!
    Who know maybe I will get there one day!
    I know there is surf there, so I just may go!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Marty from
    Great Barrier Reef Holidays

    1. I was there in 10.12.12-10.24.12 visit the Island of La digue absolute and positively paradise 88 degrees 78 at night few cars ox powered carts few lights at night and beautiful stars

  3. It is my home land, I miss it terribly, London will never win beauty over it. I cannot wait to descend there in November, it will be a holiday of a life time.