Caribbean Islands - Jamaica

- The Home of Reggae & Relaxation!
Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles, 234 kilometres in length and as much as 80 kilometres  in width, and amounts to 10,990 square kilometres and it is situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 145 kilometres south of Cuba, and 191 kilometres  west of Hispaniola, the island harbouring the nation-states Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
The classic Caribbean attractions of palm-lined beaches and a wide range of water sports are very much in evidence on this large island, but Jamaica is also spectacularly beautiful.
Jamaican food is a mixture of Caribbean dishes with local dishes. Although Jamaican food gets a reputation for being spicy, local trends lean towards more versatile food variety. Some of the Caribbean dishes that you'll see in other countries around the region are rice and peas  and patties. The national dish is Ackee and saltfish, and MUST be tried by anyone visiting the island. It is made with the local fruit called Ackee, which looks like scrambled eggs, but has a unique taste of its own and dried codfish mixed with onions and tomatoes. You probably won't get a chance to try this food anywhere else, and if you really want to say that you did something uniquely Jamaican, then this is your chance.
Hotels & Resorts
Jamaica is known for its great variety of accommodation options, so whether you're looking for upscale digs or a cozy bungalow nestled away from the bustle of popular tourist sites, you can find it in Jamaica. Choose between hot hotels with luxurious amenities, or guesthouses and inns that allow visitors a chance to experience authentic Jamaican culture.
Resorts of all kinds are most often found on or near beaches, especially in the popular city of Montego Bay, where beachfront lodging is the specialty. In an upscale hotel or resort you'll generally find plenty of features and security, but you may also have to pay for any extra amenities and services you require. Meals are available at on-site restaurants, but concierge services can also direct you to local favorites. These resorts are very similar to Jamaica's ever-popular all-inclusives because they have everything travelers could want (and more) on site. Resorts, of course, have their own style as much as any other hotel in Jamaica.
The next step down from the high-priced and amenity-packed resorts are small hotels. These can provide an affordable option for budget-conscious travelers. Most hotels will include hot water and a bar or nearby restaurant, and the majority will include a pool, on-site restaurant, and air conditioning. A rule of thumb when it comes to hotels is that the more money you're willing to spend, the more amenities you'll have.
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