Dalmatian Islands Croatia-Lastovo

Lastovo Island
The island is located on the south of Croatia,in Dalmatian islands. Lastovo is among ten Mediterranean islands that have the most preserved original value of untouched nature and beauty. With its 46 small islands, 46 churches and chappels, 46 wineyards and surrounding sandbanks,the Lastovo island is a genuine heaven for lovers of nature, sailing, good food and wine, fishers who angle for tuna and other trophy fish. The pristine natural beauty of Lastovo Island sparked the government to name it a protected "Nature Park".
The virgin island of Lastovo is open to tourists again.The island largely relies on its natural beauty and preservation to attract tourists each season.
Olympus XZ-1 228005 10 MP Digital Camera with 4x iZuiko Zoom and 3.0-Inch Amoled Monitor (White)Lastovo coastline is very diverse so Lastovo offers nice and clean rocky, gravel and sandy beaches that are dotted along it's coast as well as along Lastovo Archipelago coast too.
Lastovo Island is also famous for its Carnival. Villagers don traditional costumes, and do the traditional dances to the traditional music. And it's not just some show for tourists either.
Enjoy some beautiful pictures from Lastovo Island: 

          Picture made by: Sethgo

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          Picture made by: Pan Wankz

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  1. I love your post..Croatia is a land I have never seen and more then likely will never see. I thought it to be a cold, dry land. Why?? I have no idea> After seeing these beautiful images now I know that Croatia is really quite beautiful. Thank You


  2. Gorgeous! I love how looking at beautiful scenery changes your breathing from labored to steady. Thanks for sharing these!


  3. beauteous !!!
    all pictures are so serene and calm
    i enjoyed watching them. Keep up the good work.

    Random Scribblings

  4. Fantastic collection of photos. Everyone also says here in Korcula just how beautiful Lastovo is and so I will be visiting for sure this summer. To Jim as a photography you will simple adore Croatia, it's natural beauty is simple stunning.