Spanish-Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands
The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the western Mediterranean Sea, near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula which belongs to Spain.
This beautiful group of islands is divided into Gimnesias Islands in the Notrh and Pitiusas Islands in the South-West.

All these islands are accessible for all types of bugets.Here u can find a numerous hotels,luxury villas and budget accommodation.

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Mallorca Island
Majorca It is the largest by area and second most populated island of Spain. This elegant island has to offer anything a visitor might dream of. Mallorca's wonderful climate, beautiful landscapes as well as its cosmopolitan ambience make it a privileged holiday resort, with a cultural offer comparable to the one of many European capitals.

Menorca Island

Minorca or Menorca  It takes its name from being smaller than the nearby island of Majorca. Legend tells that the winds of Menorca modify the personality of every  people who visit it. Maybe that is the reason why those who came here once as tourists mostly return . On the other hand, she has beautiful beaches and lonely bays around all around, an ideal resort for all those who are looking for true relaxation.

Cabrera Island
Cabrera is one of the minor Balearic Islands belonging to Spain. When visting Cabrera, located just face to face to Mallorca's southern coast, and its lonely beautiful beaches, you might really feel like Robinson Crusoe,it’s a unique sensation. With over 450 species of plants and over 150 species of birds Cabrera is a unique and also very sensible ecological system. This is why only a small part of the island around Puerto de Cabrera may be visited by tourists.